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Oxfam will be at the World Economic Forum this week - a meeting where 300 heads of state and government, 1,500 business leaders, and thought leaders  from more than 140 countries gather to discuss trends affecting global economics. This is an elite meeting; it has no formal decision making power but it attracts global media attention - and we intend to use it to influence the international agenda to help find solutions to inequality, the defining problem of our time. 

And the first of those solutions is to change rigged global tax rules. Can you put pen to paper and help us make noise about rising inequality and unfair tax rules? 

Cracking down on corporate tax dodging is an important part of our campaign to Even It Up and end extreme inequality. We’re living in a world where the gap between rich and poor is rapidly increasing; as the wealth of the few grows greater, the poorest are left behind. The Even It Up campaign aims to close this gap between rich and poor by demanding changes and policies that work in favour of the many, not just the few.  

The campaign is made-up of several actions. And the first of these is our call for a World Tax Summit. Corporate tax is part of both the problem and the solution  to inequality. Put simply, inequality rises when tax rules are unfair. But if corporations were taxed fairly then governments could raise revenues for public services, like schools and hospitals, which are vital in helping the world’s poorest escape poverty and tackle inequality. 

Thanks for your help in spreading the message about tax. We know it’s a difficult subject to talk about. It can be boring and complicated. But it’s crucial to solving inequality. And with the likes of Amazon and Apple making their headlines for their tax dodging habits, there’s no time like the present to write about the solutions to tackle the root causes of tax abuse. Your dedication and the power of your pens (or keyboards!) to communicate what tax means for people’s daily lives and how it can help close the gap between rich and poor is invaluable. 

Please use the following content as inspiration for your own blog content 

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  • A solution to #inequality: change tax rules to benefit the 99% rather than the elite. Join the #evenitup campaign oxf.am/Z53W
  • Poor countries lose $100 billion a year because of tax dodging. Call that fair? #wef15 #EvenItUp oxf.am/Z53W
  • Corporate tax dodging costs poor countries $100 bn p/a.Call that fair? crackdown on tax dodgers! #wef15 #EvenItUp oxf.am/Z53W
  • Corporate tax dodging deprives poor countries of $100 bn/yr. Fair? Tell your leader to make tax fair #wef15 #EvenItUp oxf.am/Z53W
  • #inequality is out of control because tax rules are rigged for the richest. Time to make tax fair and #evenitup oxf.am/Z53W
  • On current trends, top 1% will own more wealth than the rest of the world combined within 2 yrs. #evenitup oxf.am/Z53W
  • Just 80 billionaires have the same wealth as half of the planet. #inequality is out of control. #Evenitup at oxf.am/Z53W

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  • Leaders across the world let corporations get away without paying their fair share. Together we can demand that our leaders make tax fair. Join me in calling for a World Tax Summit. #wef15 #EvenItUp oxf.am/Z53W
  • It’s time to crack down on the tax dodgers. Corporate tax dodging costs poor countries $100 billion a year. Call that fair? Join me to demand that our leaders make tax fair. #wef15 #EvenItUp oxf.am/Z53W
  • Do we really want to live in a world where the richest 1% own more wealth than the rest of us combined? It’s a question we’re posing because – in just two years time – that’s exactly what we could be looking at, with the wealthiest people taking way way more than their fair share. And the world needs to know. Please SHARE this now. #wef15 #EvenItUp oxf.am/Z53W
  • Breaking news: you’re now living in a world where the 80 richest people – that’s less than a busload – own half of the world’s population! To tackle inequality, the world needs to know how bad it’s got – please SHARE this to spread the word. act.oxfam.org #EvenItUp #wef15

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