Make some noise about land grabs

Oxfam campaigners across the world ‘land grabbed’ famous landmarks on 7 February, to raise awareness about the impact of land grabs. Browse and share these images and get the World Bank to take action, now.

What you can do

  • Share the images on Twitter and social media, and ask @WorldBank to put a hold on land deals.
  • Sign the petition to Jim Kim, World Bank president, and ask the World Bank to freeze its investment in land deals.

Why we’re doing this

Did you know?

In just ten years, land deals have been done on an area almost six times the size of Germany. That land could produce enough food to feed more than one billion people, every year.

Imagine if a place you love in your local area was taken from you and sold off. No warnings. No compensation. And nothing you could do about it. You’d be outraged. You’d call it an injustice. But this is the reality for thousands of families across Africa and beyond.

Right now, companies are buying up huge areas of land across the world. The trouble is, too often these deals lead to land grabs – which force farmers from their land and homes, and leave them with no way to grow food or earn a living.

What needs to happen

We need the World Bank to help stop land grabs. It funds some big land deals, and can influence how land is bought and sold. So it has an incredible opportunity to ensure that land deals benefit local farmers and their communities. As a first step, we want the World Bank President, Jim Kim, to freeze the bank's investment in land and set a fair standard for others to follow.

We’re close to a breakthrough

With your help, we’ve been focusing our efforts on the World Bank since October. And we’ve already got their attention. They’ve been talking to us on social media and at meetings, too. They’re taking positive steps, but they’ve yet to take decisive action. And that’s why we’re asking for your help today.