Meltdown, by Helena Christensen

These photos were taken in support of GROW, Oxfam's campaign for a world where everyone always has enough to eat. By documenting the devastating impact of changing weather patterns on some of the world’s poorest communities, the photos reflect an extremely uncertain future. They also show how a changing climate affects millions of people at a most basic level, every day.

In Helena's words:

"Over the past couple of years, I have travelled to three continents in my role as an Oxfam Global Ambassador. Along the way, I’ve collected memories of many incredible moments, people, communities and ways of life. I’ve captured hundreds of these with my camera and, in this way, they will live with me forever.

"My experiences with Oxfam have left me in no doubt that we’re facing a global meltdown. Rainfall is unpredictable, droughts are now more frequent, floods are getting deeper – climate change is ruining lives. The negative effects of global warming are spreading, not just like tiny rings in the water, but like giant waves across the whole world.

"It doesn’t have to be this way... These images are intended to remind people discussing the fate of our planet that the future is not set in stone."

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