Remember Her Rights: A campaign to celebrate women's triumphs

Women play a massive role in developing countries: they produce most of the food, make up a third of the official labor force and care for families and homes. Through decades of development work, we recognize that investing in women means investing in entire communities. We also know that women are leading change in their communities.

#RememberHerRights is Oxfam Canada’s campaign to celebrate the impact of women’s rights advocates from around the world.

While gender continues to be a primary determinant of poverty, significant shifts have been made around the world to advance women’s rights and increase gender equality. We want to recognize positive change and those who have been a part of creating it.

Join the global celebration to #RememberHerRights through Oxfam Canada’s website and make a buzz about it by:

  • Thinking of a triumph in women’s rights you want to celebrate and remember.
  • Get a small piece of string and tie it around your finger. 
  • Take a photo of with the string on your finger.

 Africa Rising/Shutterstock