EU leaders: let aid do its job!

Children laughing

Oxfam is joining forces with a group of incredible organizations including ONE, Save the Children, Global Citizen, CONCORD, BOND and Eurodad. Together we’re calling on EU leaders to:

Please meet the needs of refugees arriving at our borders without doing so at the expense of the world's poorest. Make sure aid is focused on fighting extreme poverty and prioritizes the countries and people that have the greatest need.”

Join us and take action now!

Leave No One Behind!

Aid in 2016 serves an important purpose: Everyone has the right to live free from poverty and deprivation. This is our common vision for a post 2015 world in which world leaders have agreed to Leave No One Behind. The world has made more progress in fighting poverty over the past 15 years than ever before; but a huge challenge remains to ensure we finish the job and make sure that everyone can live a life of dignity, free from extreme poverty.  Addressing current humanitarian crises, environmental threats or the urgent need to end hunger and extreme poverty, in other words meeting the new global goals, requires sustained and increased levels of aid, not less.

Europe’s governments as aid recipients

We are concerned that an increasingly smaller portion of aid is being made available for communities and countries who need it the most: including countries from which refugees are fleeing to escape conflict and despair. European governments have taken extraordinary measures by taking in unprecedented numbers of refugees. While this has demonstrated remarkable leadership and respect for human rights, key donor governments use aid to finance the hosting of refugees. In fact, in 2015 and 2016 some of the biggest aid recipients will be some EU member states themselves, including The Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. Hosting refugees in EU countries is a human right but it is not aid.