#Sahel2012: thank you for your support!

Hunger is not inevitable. Artists support #Sahel2012.

Our Sahel 2012 action is now over

On Friday 10 August, Africans Act 4 Africa, Avaaz, Oxfam and other agencies handed in a petition with more than 600,000 names to UK Prime Minister, David Cameron. Cameron was hosting world leaders for a Hunger Event in London and we urged them to tackle the current food crisis in West Africa and to end hunger worldwide. The Hunger Event acknowledged that the food crisis has complex causes, but we know if world leaders live up to their promises that the solutions are at hand.

And that’s where Oxfam’s GROW campaign comes in. Around the world, we’re tackling the root causes of why people don’t have enough to eat – for example, by demanding an end to land grabs and more investment in small-scale farmers, especially women.

Join GROW today: be part of something huge!

You have helped put the Sahel food crisis and hunger at the top of the global agenda and in the coming months we will continue to take that message to more world leaders.

Together we can ensure that, in a world where there's enough food to go around, no-one has to go to bed hungry.

Thank you for your support.

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