clean water

clean water

Abdi Ahmed Jamaa and his son collecting water for their animals from a rehabilitated barkad. Photo by TARDO/Oxfam

Clean water – renewed hope in a Somali village

Access to clean and safe water is difficult in Bowdha Dogore village in Adado district, Somalia, where Abdi Ahmed Jamaa, together with his 14 children and two wives reside. For a long time, Abdi and his family have depended on rehabilitated water cisterns (called barkads) as their only water supply.  These water sources were left open and in a dilapidated state posing a risk to both the people of Bowdha Dogore and their livestock. Oxfam partnered with TARDO and have been rehabilitating barkads for vulnerable pastoral communities in the village.

Pakistan's Forgotten Emergency

Three months after widespread flooding that has affected over 5 million people in southern Pakistan, a critical shortage of funding and broad international disinterest has left millions of people at risk of illness, malnutrition and cold as the winter closes in.


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