EU budget

EU budget

EU risks eroding global role with proposed foreign policy budget

The European Commission has published details of its planned foreign affairs spending for 2021-2027. While there are some positive points which we welcome, there is a risk that aid money can now be used for inward-looking policies on migration and security, rather than long-term sustainable development.

EU development and humanitarian funding post-2020

The EU is about to set out a multi-year framework for its budget after 2020, which will have an impact on sustainable development worldwide and on the EU’s support for people in humanitarian crisis. Oxfam calls on the EU and its member states to increase aid commitments, in order to reduce the gap between what is needed and what is being given.

EU budget deal fails to deliver for most in need

The budget deal struck by EU governments, the European Parliament and the European Commission promises more funds for the EU’s external action, but diverts money from those most in need, warn development and humanitarian organizations.


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