G20 finance ministers disappoint

Finance ministers and central bankers from the G20 nations met in London on Saturday, as a preparatory session for the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh later this month, and to lay the groundwork for the Copenhagen climate talks in December.

What Happened at the G20?

G20 leaders met for the second time in London on 2 April, as the global economic crisis began to crash across the borders of poor countries with ever-greater severity.

Oxfam reaction to G20 summit

This G20 summit delivers a vital pick-me-up for poor countries struggling to survive the economic crisis but much more is needed to ensure their long-term recovery.

Package for the poor

Finding the opportunity in a crisis is more than a snappy political catchphrase. It is the opportunity for the leaders of the G20 meeting on April 2nd to take long-term decisions in the interests of people and the planet. (a joint agency op-ed on the G20)


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