Refugees wait to register for a travel permit in Serbia

Supporting Syrian refugees in Serbia

Oxfam will start a new humanitarian program in Serbia – aimed at around €1 million – to help some of the thousands fleeing to safety, including many Syrians, who will soon face a Balkans winter with few resources to cope. We work in the top nine countries of origin for refugees around the world as well as countries like Lebanon and Jordan which border Syria.

Jemaa Al Halayal, 35, holds his two-year-old daughter Amina, outside the tent in which they now live in an informal settlement for Syrian refugees in north Bekaa Valley in Lebanon on September 10 2015. Photo: Sam Tarling/Oxfam

Solidarity With Syrians

The international community has failed so far to address the spiralling catastrophe in Syria. This briefing calls for urgent and immediate action by the international community to deal with this deepening crisis.

Event in Zaatari camp to mark World Refugee Day. Photo: Oxfam

Syrian refugees mark World Refugee Day

Syrians in Jordan and Lebanon marked 4 years since they started to flee from the conflict zones. With our partners, we are working within the communities bringing refugees and hosts together.


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