A family stand outside their temporary home in an informal settlement, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

In Lebanon, Syrian refugees call for dignity and work

Lebanon is welcoming over 1 million Syrian refugees but is struggling to cope. Many refugees struggle to register in the country and cannot legally work. We are calling for urgent and immediate action to help alleviate their suffering.

Two Oxfam worker walk in Sawere, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

Poverty, Inequality and Social Protection in Lebanon

The impact of the Syria crisis on Lebanon is immense and multidimensional. This report is the result of research by Oxfam and the American University, Beirut in an effort to gain a better insight into the lives and struggles of poor Lebanese households alongside Syrian and Palestinian refugee populations in Lebanon.

Oxfam Position Paper for EU-Africa Migration Summit

With the latest figures showing that over the last 15 years at least 31,000 people have died or gone missing while trying to reach Europe, the EU must let human rights be the focus at Valletta and not prioritize the EU's own agenda of tightened borders and increased state security.

Valletta migration summit must not be hijacked by EU border agenda

EU and African leaders neet to use the Valletta summit to address the causes forcing people to flee their homes if the meeting is to benefit the populations of the African countries taking part. The EU must let human rights be the focus at Valletta and not prioritize the EU's own agenda of tightened borders and increased state security.

Fátima. Estación de tren Siad, Serbia. Noviembre de 2015.

Millions of people are being forced to flee their homes, risking everything to escape conflict and disaster. We are working in nine of the ten top refugee source countries as well as in refugee host countries. We urgently need your help to reach people in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and in Europe.

Syrian children gather outside a school in Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, on September 21, 2015. As a host country Jordan is estimated to spend $870 million a year supporting Syrian refugees. Photo: Sam Tarling/Oxfam

Right to a Future

With no end to the conflict in Syria in sight, the four million people forced to flee the country have no foreseeable prospect of safe return. And as the impact of the crisis on neighboring countries grows and aid dries up, the situation for these refugees is becoming increasingly dire. This briefing calls for a new approach by the international community.

Refugees wait to register for a travel permit in Serbia

Supporting Syrian refugees in Serbia

Thousands are fleeing to safety in Europe, including many Syrians, who are battling harsh winter conditions in the Balkans with few resources to cope. Oxfam is there.


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