About Oxfam Mexico'

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Oxfam in Mexico

At Oxfam Mexico we work to improve the conditions and livelihoods of the most vulnerable people, strengthening their local organisations and having the influence in governments and companies to guarantee their rights.

Our mission is to champion social development such as the increase of freedom and the affirmation of rights and responsibilities, fostering synergies and articulating the faces and voices of society.

At Oxfam Mexico, we promote four social causes:

  • Civil society and citizenship - We work to facilitate the shared responsibility between the government and society; in particular, to demand that the State guarantees the quality of public education and health services.
  • Food justice and sustainable development - We reinforce the ability of local communities to use sustainable natural resources and to adapt to the effects of climate change.
  • Migration and development – We are working to increase the role of migrant organizations in order to influence national and regional public policies with a view to achieving full recognition of the rights of migrants and a more inclusive development.
  • Humanitarian action - We respond to emergencies to help to ensure that the people affected  receive immediate assistance. We also help to sustainably rebuild the communities and the livelihoods of the population.