Zambia: Building skills and livelihoods

Bricklayer Davy Libongani, 63, is from Sichaba Village in Mongu. He has eight children and 12 grandchildren.

Well-regarded by fellow villagers because of his building skills, Davy was nominated to become a Private Service Provider and to work on Oxfam’s water and sanitation project in the district.

He said: “I’m happy that Oxfam looked for bricklayers in the villages rather than bringing people in from outside. This has given us a great opportunity to participate in the project. It will help us to better take care of the facilities than if it were outsiders working.”

Davy also appreciates the additional skills Oxfam has provided, such as Business Management and Entrepreneurship training through the Kaoma Trades Institute. He became a certified bricklayer in April 2011, enabling him to take his skills to other communities and to build a livelihood beyond the Oxfam program.

As part of our WASH program, Oxfam is working in the Western Province of Zambia to provide access to water and sanitation.

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