Take action on Twitter ahead of International Conference on Mali

On 15 May world leaders will meet in Brussels to discuss how they can help Mali rebuild itself following the conflict that devastated the North of the country. 

The conference is being hosted by the European Union and the French Government and will be attended by leaders from the affected region and from across the world. Oxfam and its partners will be sending the message that decision makers must follow through with real action by providing immediate support for the humanitarian response and committing to funding for the long-term, to help communities working hard to get back on their feet.
Alongside these financial commitments, the meeting must agree on a new way of doing development in Mali – with the Malian Government committing to improving the management of its own resources and donors ensuring that the Government prioritises efforts to tackle poverty and corruption.

Add your voice

You can strengthen our message by tweeting world leaders, using one of the suggested tweets below and inserting a twitter handle from the list. Don’t forget to use #MaliConference" target="_blank">#MaliConference. This will demonstrate to decision makers that publics around the world want to see them continue their support to the people of Mali.

Suggested tweets

People in North #Mali still face hunger & feel unsafe. @KGeorgievaEU will you do more to fund urgent humanitarian needs at #MaliConference?
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175k refugees from #Mali facing health & nutrition problems. @_AfricanUnion #MaliConference is opportunity to stop their suffering
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Peace & development in #Mali must include everyone. @APiebalgsEU at #MaliConference will you ensure aid meets needs of all citizens? 
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1 in 3 people from North #Mali have fled home @MAECgob long-term support needed to get communities back on their feet #MaliConference 
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3 food crises in #Mali in 7 years @JustineGreening will you help break the cycle of hunger at #MaliConference
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1 in 5 people in #Mali live in extreme poverty @PresidenceMali do you agree it’s time for change at #MaliConference
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