responsibility to protect civilians

responsibility to protect civilians

Nowhere to Turn

2010 is the deadliest year for Afghan civilians since 2001.

Each and every peacekeeper still needed in Congo

Each and every peacekeeper is still needed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, aid agency Oxfam said today (28 May) as the United Nations Security Council renewed the mandate of MONUC, the UN peacekeeping force in the country.

Oxfam reaction to new US strategy in Afghanistan

Oxfam was pleased to hear that the new US strategy for Afghanistan will support ministries and local leaders that deliver for the Afghan people and combat corruption, and that there will be more focused assistance on agriculture, as up to 80 percent of Afghans rely on agriculture to survive.

The Cost of War

To better understand how Afghans have experienced and understand the devastating conflict of the last thirty years, eight nongovernmental organizations operating in Afghanistan condu


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