Every day, the shores of the small Greek island of Lesbos see the arrival of boats coming from Turkey carrying some 50 refugees or migrants, who are fleeing war or poverty. Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam

EU “hotspots” spread fear and doubt

The EU must urgently re-think its collective treatment of people arriving at Europe’s borders and ensure that every human being, no matter their status, enjoys the basic respect of their rights and fundamental dignity. 

End tax havens!

Tax transparency must go beyond EU

In an open letter, a large coalition of civil society organizations and trade unions, including Oxfam, is asking European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker for a more ambitious proposal on tax transparency.

Selective border closures greatly increase human suffering

Stop discriminatory and dangerous border closures

Selective border closures and quota for people on the move greatly increase human suffering and clearly infringe international and European law that protect the right to seek asylum, a coalition of 26 NGOs criticise in a joint statement.


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