Life becomes survival – Climate witnesses in Germany

Climate change is a harsh reality. Its consequences hit people in poor countries particularly hard – people like Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim from Chad and Melvin Purzuelo from the Philippines. Together with Oxfam they toured Germany to testify about the impact of climate change in their home countries. And also to get a closer look at some of the biggest drivers of climate change: coal and lignite.

Oxfam’s ‘Big Heads’ have been cavorting away their time in Germany on the beach outside the G8 Summit highlighting this potentially wasted opportunity. Photo Credit: Craig Owen/Oxfam GB

Working to reduce the burn

Coal is the single biggest driver of climate change - responsible for one third of all CO2 emissions since the industrial revolution. With these climate impacts falling disproportionately on the most vulnerable and least food secure, the burning of coal is further exacerbating inequality.

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