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The conflict in Sudan between the government and rebel groups has killed untold numbers of people and caused massive displacement. Together with our partners, we are helping hundreds of thousands of people by supplying clean water and safe sanitation, and we have provided many of the most vulnerable with fuel-efficient stoves and other essentials.

Oxfam in Sudan

We are assisting people affected by conflict in Darfur and South Kordofan.

In Darfur

We are addressing immediate public health needs while helping those families most affected by the conflict get back on their feet over the longer term in Darfur.

We have been working with local Sudanese partners and community members to provide clean water, sanitation, and hygiene programs to displaced people in camps and villages in Darfur. Our water engineers are helping maintain the wells, pumps, tanks, pipes, and taps that deliver treated water to the settlements, and our sanitation and public health staff are ensuring that camp residents have latrines, bathing areas, soap, water cans, and access to the information they need to stay healthy under challenging camp conditions.

  • Restoring incomes - Many people affected by the conflict no longer have the means to make a dignified living. Farmers who have been displaced from their land, herders who have lost their animals, and widows who are trying to raise children alone have a range of needs as they try to restore their incomes. Our partners have offered small business grants and loans, as well as vocational training and assets like donkey carts, to many of the most vulnerable residents of the camps. In rural areas affected by the conflict, we have provided vaccination programs, seeds, plows, and horse carts for farmers, as well as small business loans.
  • Supporting women - High-efficiency stoves can address an array of problems in Darfur. In a joint program with two partners, we have supported camp residents in assembling and distributing more than 15,000 stoves that are more than twice as efficient as traditional three-stone fireplaces. For the women who purchase their firewood in the market, the stoves reduce the cost of fuel and ease the heavy economic pressure on their families. But for those who must trek into the countryside to gather firewood, facing the risk of assault from armed bandits and militias, fuel-efficient stoves are even more critical.

In South Kordofan

We are working with Sudanese partner organizations to respond to the humanitarian emergency that began unfolding in the summer of 2011, when armed conflict erupted between government and rebel forces in the states of South Kordofan and Blue Nile.

Aid providers are unable to reach many of those who are caught in the conflict, but one of our partners has reached 70,000 people in South Kordofan with a range of interventions, including:

  • Rehabilitating wells, installing hand pumps, and constructing latrines.
  • Distributing seeds, tools, and donkey carts.
  • Providing cash grants.
  • Vaccinating livestock.
  • Promoting health and hygiene.
  • Distributing relief materials.