Preview of climate deal released in Copenhagen today

The United Nations published a preview of the climate deal in Copenhagen today. The proposals do not include a long term climate finance package to help developing countries tackle climate change and do not guarantee climate action.

The two documents which cover the two separate tracks of negotiations – the Kyoto Protocol track which does not include the United States and the "Long-term Cooperative Action" track which does – reflect two years of official negotiations. Unless negotiators can improve on it within the two working days remaining available, this will be what Ministers and Heads of State will be looking at when they arrive in Copenhagen starting tomorrow.

Antonio Hill, Oxfam International's Senior Climate Advisor said:

“There is a huge gaping hole in these proposals where the long term finance package needs to be. Large-scale, regular payments to developing countries is the glue that will hold together a successful deal – not an optional extra. Climate cash is critical for a real deal, it will enable real action in poor countries, and it requires real action from rich countries now.

“The centerpiece of the deal being proposed today gives no guarantee that the deal in Copenhagen will deliver action. With millions of people already suffering from flash floods and withering droughts, we need a new legal deal, not more deliberation and delay.”

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