Haiti: relief and recovery for survivors is the priority now

Mark Fried, spokesman for the relief agency Oxfam International said:

"The end of search and rescue efforts does not mean we can slow down. Relief and recovery for the survivors is the priority now.

"Hundreds of thousands who lost everything but their lives need water for drinking and washing. They need latrines to contain the spread of disease. They need shelter and simple household items like cooking pots.

"Haitians are grieving, but they are also buoyed by the generous outpouring of support from around the world. Despite the losses they have suffered, they are working hard to turn the empty lots, golf courses and churchyards where they have taken refuge into places where they can live in dignity. Oxfam and other aid agencies are there working alongside them."

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Notes to editors

Broadcast quality video of Oxfam water distribution at Petionville club, Port-au-Prince, filmed Friday January 22. It's loosely edited including interview with Oxfam Country Director Yolette Etienne. Downloadable in 3-set profiles.

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