Oxfam reaction to resignation of UN Special Envoy for Syria

In response to UN-Arab League Joint Special Representative for Syria Lakhdar Brahimi's briefing of the Security Council today, Andy Baker, who heads up Oxfam’s response to the Syria Crisis, said:

"The resignation of Lakhdar Brahimi is further proof of the failure of international efforts to end the horrific bloodshed in Syria. Perhaps it's no coincidence that the peace envoy to Syria should step down when the prospect for a peaceful resolution seems as distant as ever. 

"Whoever takes on the role will need the same experience and gravitas as Mr. Brahimi in order to convene an inclusive process for a political solution to the crisis. But more than that, the next envoy needs a united international community determined to put a halt to the targeting of civilians, barrel bombing and sieges, and deliberate denial of humanitarian assistance. Otherwise the next envoy is being set up to fail and the suffering of millions will continue."

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