World Bank President Jim Yong Kim’s speech at George Washington University: "A Path to End Poverty"

In response to World Bank President Jim Yong Kim’s speech at George Washington University: "The World Bank Group Strategy: A Path to End Poverty"

Head of Oxfam’s Washington office Nicolas Mombrial said:                  

On support to fragile and conflict-affected states:

Kim announced that the Bank would significantly increase support to fragile and conflict-affected states in the next three years.

“Stepping up support to fragile states is crucial and this announcement is very timely. It’s essential the international community, including the World Bank, ensure that the millions affected by conflict in Syria and in the region are not abandoned. The situation is extremely fragile and more aid is needed to support the generous neighboring communities as well as inside Syria.”

On the new Word Bank strategy to end extreme poverty by 2013 and boost ‘shared prosperity’:

“This strategy to end extreme poverty and support inclusive growth is an important milestone for the World Bank and a significant shift of focus.

“Oxfam welcomes Jim Kim’s vision and commitment. Achieving the goal of extreme poverty by 2030 will not be easy, and all parties need to get on board to make this happen. We’re committed to joining hands with the World Bank as part of a global movement to fight poverty.

“Kim has said that much more attention needs to be paid to whether growth reaches all the population, and not just the elite. But the Bank has been too silent on its plan for the bottom 40 percent. It’s not good enough for the Bank to just monitor income gains. If it’s serious about shared prosperity, it has to tackle income gaps head-on.

On reforming the way the Bank operates:

“The new push to rally the whole institution behind the goal of ending extreme poverty is welcome.

On working with the private sector:

“It’s crucial that the Bank focus not just on leveraging private sector funds, but ensuing companies respect social and environmental standards in countries where they operate.”

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