Arms Trade Treaty

Arms Trade Treaty

US joins Arms Trade Treaty talks, but at high price

New York: Today’s announcement by the USA of support for the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) was welcomed by Oxfam International and Amnesty International, warning that Washington’s support comes at a very high price. Giving any Member State veto power would weaken not strengthen future Treaty.

Dying for Action

On 6 December 2006, the UN General Assembly first voted to work towards an Arms Trade Treaty to protect civilians worldwide from irresponsible arms transfers.

Shooting Down the MDGs

Irresponsible arms transfers are undermining many developing countries’ chances of achieving their Millennium Development Goal (MDG) targets.

Global Arms Trade Treaty

The first international Arms Trade Treaty entered into force on 24 December 2014, ratified by more than 50 states.

Conflict, disasters and emergencies are frequent, but their devastating impact on ordinary people can often be avoided.


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