climate change

climate change

Successive droughts in Chad‟s Bahr el Gazel region have reduced food and pasture. Climate change is set to make survival even more difficult.Photo: Ella Dickinson/Oxfam

Let Them Eat Coal

To set the tone for a successful climate agreement at the UN talks in December, the G7 must lead the world in setting out clear plans for a just transition away from coal. 

Right to Resilience: Adaptation finance in the post-2020 Paris Agreement

A commitment to increase and accelerate public finance is adaptation’s bottom-line.  Without it, the Paris agreement will be a mitigation deal for big emitters, not a climate change agreement for all. This briefing sets out Oxfam's demands on adaptation finance post 2020 that need to be agreed in Paris at the end of this year.

The EU's emission trading scheme as a source of international climate finance

The revision of the EU’s Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) offers a unique opportunity to increase transparency and predictability of climate finance from the EU and its Member States by establishing a mechanism that automatically directs a portion of the ETS revenues as additional international climate finance. 

Principles for responsible energy and climate investments (PRECI)

How to ensure the trillions of dollars of incremental investment needed in the energy and climate-related sectors to promote low-carbon development is both socially responsible and addresses both mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and resilience to climate change impacts?

Cultivando semillas para la seguridad alimentaria en El Salvador

Cultivating Seeds

Family farming and small-scale agriculture play an important role in food production. However, limited access to resources such as land, water, seeds, and finance can be a barrier for these farmers to access markets under equitable conditions.



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