humanitarian emergencies

humanitarian emergencies

Tannese community living at Blacksands area near Port Vila.

As the full picture of the damage caused by Cyclone Pam across Vanuatu becomes clearer, our staff are on the ground helping to assess emergency needs and plan for longer term recovery.

Pakistan: Immediate funding needed or disaster could worsen

While more than seven million people have been affected by the floods in Sindh since they began less than 50 days ago, Oxfam is urgently calling on the international donor community to expedite its response in order to give critical and life-saving relief to those in need.

NGOs highlight priorities ahead for the next Afghan government

Afghanistan’s next government must urgently devote greater resources to building up to 6,000 new schools, training upwards of 5,000 new midwives and professionalizing the police force to improve the lives of ordinary Afghans, aid agencies working in Afghanistan said today.
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