indigenous peoples

indigenous peoples

Teddy Guerra is the charismatic and outspoken 30-year-old leader of the Quechua community in the town of Nuevo Andoas.

Land is life: the struggle of the Quechua people to gain their land rights

This paper highlights the injustice faced by the Quechua and the wider region. It echoes their call for the government to grant them full title to their territories; to fulfill their rights to health, education and a development that respects their identity; and to provide reparation for the damage to their health and environment caused by the oil industry. 

Violent response to indigenous mobilization in Guatemala

Several organizations expressed their concern for the actions that took place in Guatemala on October 4, when seven members of the indigenous K’iche’ community lost their life as a consequence of the disproportionate response to their protests by State security forces who used firearms against the protesters.

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