Different conflict, same crisis

With more people fleeing violence and persecution now than at any time since records began, governments must make firm commitments at two major summits in New York to share their international responsibilities more equally, and to offer all refugees a safer future.

Children Alone: Pulled from the Sea, Fallen by the Wayside

The latest data estimates that more than 10 million people – around half of all the refugees worldwide – are “minors” (that is children under 18-years-old). At the same time, nearly 100,000 children who lodged an asylum request were unaccompanied - that is by definition those who are not assisted or represented by their parents or any other adult. 

Lake Chad’s Unseen Crisis

Since 2009, millions of people in the Lake Chad Basin have been affected by a conflict originating in Nigeria. Over 2.6 million people have been displaced by the violence of Boko Haram, and the following military operations. This paper aims to give voice to them and calls for donors and governments to do much more to provide help.


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