Burundi is one of the poorest countries on the planet. With 8.1 million inhabitants in 2008, more than half the population is under 17 years old and life expectancy is only 51 years. More than a decade of wars has left the country in an extremely delicate situation, in which peace is a relative concept and insecurity persists.

Burundi depends to a large extent on international aid, which represents more than a third of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Oxfam’s work in Burundi

Oxfam’s has been working in Burundi since the 1990s. We initially focused on humanitarian interventions, but have been progressively shifting our work towards reconstruction and development, focusing on:

  • Food security, by improving people’s access to land and to other means of agricultural production.
  • Social justice, by improving living conditions and encouraging the participation of the population, civil society, local communities and marginal groups in public governance and development policies.
  • The right to be heard, by promoting access to information, freedom of expression and human rights awareness.
  • Women’s rights, by supporting women leadership and an active civil society.

Oxfam aims to ensure that everyone in Burundi will live in a society free from violence, where people will be able to exercise their freedom and their rights with a decent quality of life.

Our objective is to put the economy and development policies to work to serve the interests of the people, promoting effective prevention measures to avoid the emergence of armed conflicts and humanitarian disasters, and to reduce the impact of natural catastrophes.