Refugees from Sudan's Blue Nile state, in South Sudan

After one year of conflict in Sudan’s Blue Nile state, 109,000 refugees have fled across the border to four camps in Maban county, South Sudan, which all face the threat of recurrent flooding due to heavy rains, chronic drinking water shortages and disease. The camps are already above capacity, but there are predictions another 60,000 people may arrive when the dry season makes movement possible in the next few months.

Oxfam is providing both humanitarian and long-term development aid across the South Sudan, including water, sanitation and hygiene promotion, public health, sustainable livelihoods, food security and education programs.

Oxfam is pushing for new, safe locations to be urgently identified for thousands of the refugees, to ease the burden on the overcrowded camps in Maban.

We moved staff and supplies in to the area in late 2011 in anticipation that a big influx of people could come as the fighting in Blue Nile intensified.

In December 2011 we chartered three planes from Juba (the capital of South Sudan) to bring up staff, food, camping equipment, and equipment such as generators, submersible pumps and water pipes.

We are currently providing essential services in the form of clean water and basic sanitation to 32,000 people in Upper Nile region. We are also providing
cash relief to help people through rising food prices, supporting people to improve their skills and job opportunities and lobbying for political change.

21 September 2012