Déjà vu as Poland and Germany threaten climate deal

Oxfam International response to EU Finance Ministers meeting today

EU finance ministers failed today to reach a deal on how to pay for climate action in developing countries – a make or break issue in international climate talks.

Elise Ford, Head of Oxfam International’s EU office, said:

"The EU has in the past shown itself capable of delivering what's needed to secure a deal in Copenhagen, but today's result also shows it's entirely capable of throwing climate leadership out the window."

“Heads of State and Government must pick up the pieces when they meet next week.”

Agreement on an EU position on climate financing to take into the Copenhagen climate talks this December foundered as Poland and other Central and Eastern Member States tussled with Germany over how much they would be expected to pay. The issue of the internal financial burden-sharing between member states has gripped climate finance discussions in the EU all year.

Finance ministers have now passed the buck to their Heads of State and Government, who meet next week. Oxfam International said the leaders of those Member States to have blocked an agreement today will need to look at themselves hard in the mirror before coming to Brussels next week.

“It is clear some Member States wanted to see progress on the EU’s finance position today – some even came ready with their check-books. This coalition of the willing, including the UK, Netherlands and Denmark, were held back by classic internal EU bickering.”

“After the decisions on last year’s Climate Package, this is déjà vu – with Poland and Germany again taking the EU to the brink before an agreement is found. But this year, such brinkmanship is a serious risk to a fair and safe outcome to the Copenhagen climate summit, on which the fate of millions of poor people around the world depends.”

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