EU says hopes are fading for a legally binding climate deal in Copenhagen

Responding to the announcement by the EU that hopes are fading for a legally binding climate deal in Copenhagen, Antonio Hill, climate advisor for Oxfam International said:

"Today is ground-hog day. We have been here before. Two years ago, rich nations promised to deliver a legally binding climate deal in Copenhagen. Now rich countries have admitted to back pedaling in order to accommodate the US.

"The world’s poorest countries who are already struggling to survive in a changing climate, need action, not more hollow promises. The EU says it can agree emission reduction targets in Copenhagen. These must be locked into a legally binding agreement – a second phase of the Kyoto protocol – with Canada, Australia and Japan. If the US can up the ante then all well and good. But at a minimum poor countries need a guarantee of action on at least some of the key elements of the Copenhagen agreement."

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