EU Ministers debate emissions targets

Responding to EU Environment Ministers Meeting today to discuss Europe's plan of action on climate change post Copenhagen, including the conditions under which the EU might increase its emissions reduction target to 30 percent, Tim Gore, Climate Advisor for Oxfam International said:

"Europe has everything to gain - politically, economically and environmentally - in being at the head of the pack on climate action so it's good to see that Ministers are starting to talk about de-coupling emissions targets in Europe from action in the US and elsewhere."

"Millions of people across the world are struggling with a changing climate today. Europe's leaders must regain the initiative lost in Copenhagen, stop the waiting game and start the transition to a safer and more prosperous low carbon future now."

Oxfam is calling for Europe to deliver its fair share of the global emissions reductions needed to prevent catastrophic climate change - a 40 percent cut in emissions by 2020.

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