Namonaro, défenseure du droit à la terre au Mozambique

Custodians of the land, defenders of our future

We are in the midst of the single biggest attack in the world today on people’s identity, rights, livelihoods and security, as well as our environment. They cannot afford to lose this fight, nor can we.

Parvenir à l’égalité des sexes en matière de propriété foncière contribuerait à l’autonomisation des femmes. Photo : Luz Evelia Godines Solano, productrice de café au Nicaragua.

Why indigenous and community land rights matter for everyone

Did you know that 90% of Africa’s rural land is undocumented, leaving rural communities vulnerable to land-grabbing? On Earth Day 2017, join our collective effort to make a difference not just for indigenous peoples and local communities but for the health of the environment and ending poverty and inequality.


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