Haiti two years after the earthquake

Haiti: 2 years after the earthquake

Caroline Gluck/Oxfam

It is now two years since the most powerful earthquake in Haiti in 200 years struck the capital city of Port-au-Prince and the surrounding metropolitan area. In a matter of a few violent minutes the city was devastated. More than 220,000 people were killed, 300,000 were injured, and 1.5 million were made homeless. The earthquake was followed the same year by a cholera outbreak and then by Hurricane Thomas, making already severe conditions even worse.

Oxfam has worked in Haiti for more than 30 years, not just in emergencies but also with communities and local organizations to find long-term solutions to the endemic poverty that people face each day.

At the end of 2011 our focus has shifted from immediate humanitarian needs back to longer-term development. We are working with Haitian organizations to strengthen civil society, to help rebuild a new Haiti.