International Women’s Day 2018: Oxfam stands with women everywhere

For us at Oxfam, this year International Women’s Day is a day for deep reflection. Seeing how some women were abused by some of our own staff is very painful. It is also abundantly clear that the follow-up actions that were taken were not adequate. We stand with the victims and the survivors. We stand for justice for those who suffered.

It is our priority to stamp out abuse from Oxfam and across the sector. And we’re not going to give up our fight for women’s rights and gender equality around the world. We are determined the work we do with our partners on women’s rights will be stronger and even more urgent. Oxfam stands with women everywhere. In their homes, on the streets, in their workplaces, all around the world.

We salute all the women on the frontlines today on International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day is our day. It’s the day when we celebrate our solidarity, our achievements, when we take stock, renew our energy and fight on. We stand with women across the globe who are marching. You can also join them at a march near you here.

A message from Oxfam International Executive Director Winnie Byanyima

A message from Oxfam on International Women's Day

Through programmes and our worldwide campaign, which we call Enough, we are challenging discriminatory beliefs and practices that are used to justify violence against women. We support women who are struggling for their political and economic rights.

This is a moment of change for Oxfam. With humility and openness, we are working with others to ensure we do better. We are actively engaged and dedicated to revisiting and reinforcing the core values that have guided our work across the globe for over 70 years. It is a moment in which we reinvigorate our dedication to women's rights and to building a culture of zero tolerance for exploitation, abuse and harassment.

We aspire to a higher standard – one where our culture never tolerates abuse.  One where, if abuse does occur, it is exposed and acted upon. Where our internal culture fosters and enables gender justice.

We at Oxfam are going to be listening more. Listening to our own women staff, listening to women’s organisations around the world. We’re going to get it right. And we’re going to stay in the struggle for justice for women and girls around the world. So to all of you, happy International Women’s Day.