Glen, Gary & Ross - a film about land grabs

Glen, Gary & Ross - a film about land grabs


From Uganda to Honduras and Peru to South Sudan, irresponsible investors are acquiring land that's classed as 'unused' or 'underdeveloped', but which is actually being used by small-scale farmers to grow food or support their community in some way. Farming communities are often violently evicted and left without the land they relied on for their livelihoods.

In recent months, Oxfam has been investigating how land grabs have pushed thousands of people into poverty. In the coming weeks, we'll be letting you know about our findings -- and how you can help put an end to this scandal by taking on the culprits.

To start things off, we've produced this video -- based on Glengarry Glen Ross, the 1992 film where real-estate salesmen will do anything to make a profit. Please share it far and wide, and help us start a conversation about how land grabs are impacting people's lives.

Help stop land grabs now.

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