Historic land rights march in India

Historic land rights march in India


Ekta Parishad is a non-violent social movement in India working on land and forest rights for adivashis, dalits and all marginalized communities over the last 20 years. The movement includes over 200 organizations, and Oxfam is proud to be one of them.

Based on the experience of land march in 2007, the current land rights campaign known as the Jan Satyagraha, begun on 2nd October 2011 from Kanyakumari (southernmost tip of India) and has covered 350 districts in 24 states of India. The march engaged a critical number of organizations and individuals for a collective action on 2nd October 2012, which saw approximately 100,000 people marching from Gwalior (near Taj mahal) to Delhi (350 kilometers).

The goal of the action is to bring people's voices for a 'National Land Reforms Act & Policy' as a broad framework and means of land re-distribution to the landless and homeless poor. This action is supported by more than 2,000 social organizations - including Oxfam - engaged in raising the voices for the deprived people.

Over the past year Ekta Parishad has had more than 24 rounds of dialogue with the Government of India, at various levels, to pursue the National Land Reforms Policy,  and Legislation for Securing Homestead and Agricultural Land to the landless and homeless poor.

A few days after this film was made, the Government of India met people's demands and signed an agreement with Ekta Parishad in Agra in front of 50,000 people.

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