Coping with climate change in China

Climate change and poverty in China: a multi-dimensional approach


With climate change, disasters such as droughts, floods and frost have become more frequent, more severe and more unpredictable.

We support communities to cope with this new environment through disaster mitigation, climate adaptation and environmental protection.

In several areas in China, for instance, we encourage villagers to grow crops that have high market value and are suitable for local climate, we introduce new farming techniques and we support local biogas and solar energy production.

With our experience in working in the villages, we advocate the local governments and partners to allow the villagers to take part in designing and managing the programs. We also try to convince the authorities of the importance of disaster prevention and mitigation.

At a national and international level, we raise awareness on climate change through campaigns and advocate pro-poor climate policies and deals.

Looking ahead, we will continue to adopt a holistic, multi-dimensional approach in our fight against climate change and poverty.