Aishatu Margima: saving lives in North East Nigeria

Aishatu Margima: saving lives in North East Nigeria

Aishatu is a retired nurse and a member of the host community in Yola. When whole communities began fleeing violence and conflict in North East Nigeria with nowhere to go, she sheltered over 50 displaced people in her house for 7 months with very little assistance, and continues to support a number of separated children. She recently founded the “Women and Youth Empowerment for Advancement and Health Initiative” (WYEAHI), supported by Oxfam. 

"My expectation at the end of this World Humanitarian Summit is that the Summit will produce a concrete recommendation that will be implemented seen and felt by everybody" 


Strengthening local humanitarian leadership to save lives

All over the world local leaders are preparing and protecting their communities from humanitarian disasters. However, less than 2 percent of annual humanitarian assistance in emergencies is used to support local humanitarian organizations.  

Oxfam is calling for more aid resources and decision-making to be invested where they should be: in the hands of local humanitarians in countries affected by disaster, conflict and other crises.