Stop the cracks: invest more money to help world’s poorest adapt to climate change

Stop the Cracks: Invest more money to help world’s poorest adapt to climate change

At the Paris climate summit last December we asked governments to increase their financial commitments to help  vulnerable countries cope in situations like this, and while they promised to do so, they failed to set strong enough targets. This food crisis shows clearly what happens when we fail to invest enough in helping communities adapt to climate change and to grow and buy enough food in a warming world.

While uncertainty around the probability of a La Niña event continues,, regional forecasts for several areas make grim reading, suggesting there may be no respite for many people already left vulnerable by drought. Parts of Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia could see below-average rainfall at a critical time for harvests, as could northern areas of Southern Africa. Other areas could see heavy rains that may result in flooding, destroyed crops, and outbreaks of water-borne diseases such as cholera.

Right now, governments from across the world are meeting again in Morocco. They need to invest more money to help the world’s poorest communities adapt to a changing climate.
Because if we don’t act now, the cracks will continue to grow.

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