For the children of Zaatari, recycling can also be fun

Recycling project in Zaatari Camp, Jordan

On November 30th and December 1st 2016, 36 Syrian boys and girls in Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan unleashed their creativity by designing and building toys made from recycled material.

This activity took place as part of the International contest featuring toys made from reused material, organised by Oxfam-Québec in Canada.

The recycled toy activity was a great opportunity to raise the children’s awareness on environmental issues and to create synergies with the recycling project currently taking place in Zaatari.

Oxfam collaborates with the private sector and agencies to support an innovative recycling programme in Zaatari camp. This programme serves as an efficient method of waste management and a reliable source of livelihoods for participating camp residents.

Over a 42 week pilot period, this project led to the diversion of21% of waste produced in the camp away from landfill sites. We are expanding this work outside the camp to serve vulnerable communities in Jordan.

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