Drought in Kenya: how innovation is helping families access clean water

Drought in Kenya : how innovation is helping families access clean water

Turkana is among 23 counties, half of Kenya, that have been ravaged by a devastating drought.  2.6 million people now need life-saving aid, including clean safe water. Water sources have been stretched with increased demand from both people and livestock.

Since September 2016, Oxfam has been on the ground repairing and upgrading boreholes as well as providing cash assistance to help people buy water and food, and teaching them on good hygiene and sanitation.

Through financial support from European Commission Humanitarian Aid (ECHO), we are reaching 1000 households (6000 people) through cash transfer, including conditional cash which people specifically use to access clean reliable water from the water services departments and vendors using an ‘E-wallet’ mechanism.

The E-wallet beneficiary carries their card to an Equity Bank agent, to debit the amount that he/she wants to buy water for a particular day. The agent then issues a receipt for the amount of water required. The receipt holder gives the receipt to the water kiosk vendor and then draws water equivalent to the amount of water redeemed. The system allows for flexibility and better planning to the beneficiaries to address their most immediate needs and cope with the drought in Kenya.

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