IYAMBAE: interactive film

Iyambae (Our Land) - Interactive film

Alexandre Laprise, José Velasco, Yamil Antonio

Community-based vigilance is vitally necessary in a country like Bolivia with an economy highly dependent on the extractive oil industry

Find out our lessons learned in community-based vigilance through this interactive film.

Since the last decade, pressure towards protected areas and territories occupied by indigenous communities has increased. In this context, Indigenous Socio-Environmental Monitoring (ISEM), conducted by the local communities themselves or by leaders of grassroots organizations, has become an effective approach to surveying and monitoring the activities carried out by the extractive industry.

In Charagua Norte, an area in Bolivia´s Chaco region where hydrocarbon exploitation has traditionally taken place, the implementation of the ISEM has resulted in very important lessons learned, bringing to the forefront the struggle for the defense of indigenous rights, as well as the capacity to lay the foundations for the collective control, monitoring and management of the territory.

In order to make this experience known, from its beginnings up to its achievements and challenges, Oxfam and CEJIS have joined together to produce this interactive video, based on real events, and taken by environmental monitors in their role of protectors of their territory.

Video Features:
- Online Training (In less than 10 minutes!)
- Interactive Documentary on Youtube
- 90% documentary / 10% fiction
- Photos and audio
- Languages: Guaraní and Spanish / English