Jealousy is not an excuse for violence against women and girls

#JealousyIsNoExcuse for violence

When young people believe that women prove their love by forgiving their partners, and that men prove theirs by controlling women, love becomes jealousy. And jealousy becomes an excuse for violence against women and girls.

In Bolivia 32% of young people believe that jealousy is a test of love, 42% believe that cell control prevents infidelity and 38% think that girls are raped because they dress provocatively.

Globally, jealousy can similarly be used as a justification of violence against women and girls. Whilst many people feel jealousy in their relationships and can find healthy ways to communicate with their partner, for some jealousy is used as an excuse to perpetrate violence – including coercive control and physical or sexual abuse.

But enough is enough

This year, as part of a global 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence, young Bolivian activists designed this social experiment, Los celos no son excusa, to show how jealousy could be used as an excuse for gender-based violence.

Help us create a new normal: share this video and take a stand that jealousy does not justify possessiveness or violence.

Join us and say #JealousyIsNoExcuse!