Juiknia - Cambodian stories of migration and hope

Juiknia, Open Hearts, Open Doors - Oxfam in Cambodia

Cambodians know what it’s like to flee horrifying violence and persecution; to leave our homes and everything we know behind to save the lives of our families. But we also know what’s like being warmly welcomed by strangers in distant countries. That’s why we, at Oxfam in Cambodia, are launching a new campaign: #JuiKnia. We want to share stories of hope and kindness - #JuiKnia – from our own refugees and migrants, and call on world leaders to once more open their hearts.

Unless the current millions of refugees and migrants are greeted with the same open arms that welcomed Cambodians decades ago, we will only face a further crisis, instability, and division. We must #JuiKnia. 

Take action now

Join us, share your stories of hope and call on world leaders to open their doors and hearts to refugees and migrants! #JuiKnia #HopeReturns #StandasOne