Bicycles that beat poverty - Grace's story

Bicycles that beat poverty - Grace's story (Malawi)

Oxfam GB

In Malawi, 54% of secondary school age girls are not in education. Grace's daily struggle to get to school almost forced her to drop out, but her life changed when Oxfam provided her a bike. 

"Before I got the bike I got home late from school and was too tired to do my homework. If I was given an exercise to do by the teacher, I would not do well. Now that I have this bike, I’m often the first at school", says Grace.

Oxfam has so far provided bicycles to 30 girls in schools across Southern Malawi.The selection process has been facilitated by a school committee (comprising teachers, managers, head girls and boys), representatives from the families and social workers.  

We believe the distribution of bicycles will be an incentive to the parents and guardians to send the girls to school since distance will no longer be a barrier to their access to education.

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