Creating lasting change

People can escape poverty - permanently.

We think that everybody, every day, should be able to eat, drink, earn and learn. We make sure they can. We foster self-sufficiency.

When people have the power to claim their basic human rights, they can escape poverty - permanently. This is the core belief that underpins our development programs in more than 90 countries.

We help farmers get their crops to markets at a fair price. We encourage fishermen to adopt good fishing practices. We promote awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention. We help women get fairer access to the resources they need to farm. These are examples of the many different ways we work with poor people.

We stay to help people to rebuild their lives.

When a natural disaster strikes or a conflict erupts, we give immediate lifesaving assistance – but when that crisis passes, we will invariably stay to help. We work with people to rebuild their lives, secure jobs and livelihoods, and plan a better future for their families.

We also campaign for social justice to encourage pro-poor development policies, in order to end the causes of poverty.

In our development programmes, we also aim to improve poor people's resilience to future shocks and disasters. For example, our community cereal banks give poor people access to grains year-round. And we run projects to help people use water better, in order to improve yields and help in times of drought.

Our long-term development work is mainly done with local organizations and partners.