How we help in times of crisis

When an emergency hits we are there.

We help people caught up in natural disasters and conflict. At any given time, our teams are responding to an average of 50 emergencies worldwide. We have worked on most of the biggest humanitarian emergencies in the past 70 years.

We typically provide clean water, food and sanitation in disaster zones. As far as we can, we strive to ensure that civilians are protected too.

We also seek to reduce the risk to poor people of future disasters by supporting them with long-term development programs and campaigns that tackle the causes of poverty.

Our humanitarian principles are based on upholding people’s human rights. We follow international guidelines.

We are impartial – we provide aid based on need, irrespective of race, gender or anything else. We are independent of governments and political organizations.

Increasingly we are supporting local actors to take the lead in responding to emergencies in their own countries.

Sometimes our resources and expertise are needed in some places more than others. Sometimes violence or lack of money can stop us from working where we would otherwise. We recognise all these challenges and strive to overcome them.