Oxfam reacts to new UN Security Council resolution on protection of civilians

Nicole Widdersheim, Head of Oxfam International New York Office said: “The Security Council has today reaffirmed its readiness and willingness to respond to situations where civilians are being targeted or humanitarian assistance is being obstructed.

“Under these outlined criteria, there are plenty of situations to merit their action and attention. Member states don’t have to look very far as Secretary-General Ban identified in his report earlier this year 12 such crises where civilians have been targeted and where action is required. These should now be top of the list for swift Council action.

“With the passage of this resolution, the Security Council must now step up to the plate and ensure that these principles get systematically applied wherever there is a conflict raging and people are dying. After 10 years of countless debates, civilians still bear the brunt of every single armed conflict. This resolution should mark a shift from talk to action.

“The Council also acknowledged its willingness to respond to obstruction of humanitarian assistance. In too many crises nowadays, humanitarian workers are being targeted or are victims of armed violence. The Council must now use the momentum of this resolution to bring about real change on the ground to ensure civilians have access to and receive our much needed aid.”

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