Danish and emerging economies proposal for a climate deal

Proposals from Denmark, which is chairing the climate negotiations, and the emerging developing economies the content of a final deal in Copenhagen have emerged today.

Antonio Hill, Oxfam International Climate Advisor said, “Like ants in a room full of elephants poor countries are at risk of been squeezed out of the climate talks in Copenhagen. As the talks ramp up and the big players put forward their proposals for the deal it is vitally important that vulnerable countries are part of the debate.”

“The Danish proposal must not distract from the job at hand. There must be a laser like focus on the official text of the agreement over the next six days. With just a handful of days to go before a deal is signed all countries need to focus their efforts on the official process which offers the best chance of a fair, ambitious and binding deal.

“The Danish proposal falls far short of emissions cuts needed, and remains vague on the climate cash. One positive aspect is that it would put an end to the spaghetti bowl of channels which poor countries have to negotiate for financial help that mean only a fraction of the money available gets to those in need.

“The proposal from China and other emerging economies offers a more balanced vision of a deal – but also needs significant work if it is going to serve the needs of the world’s poorest people and prevent a climate catastrophe. We need a strong deal that delivers the $200bn in new money every year that poor countries need to adapt to a changing climate and reduce their emissions and sharp emissions reductions from rich countries.”

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